Blog ( May - 2022 )

India's Foreign Trade Policy - 2024

Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 was implemented to make India a major player in global trade by 2020. The government through the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 is focused on offering support to both manufacturing and services sectors.

Merger & Acquisition Trends 2022

M&A activity worldwide has seen a year-on-year rise due to a myriad of factors, including, relaxed regulatory scrutiny, reduced operating costs, and beneficial tax regimes. The disruption caused by the pandemic led to a rise in protectionist measures in several jurisdictions, including India (see our update here), which combined with rising inflation, increased taxes and disruptions in existing supply chain models posed a significant economic threat globally. However, the liquidity unleashed by central banks globally in the last couple of years has resulted in stock markets rising to unprecedented highs, and M&A and investment activity smashing all previous records last year in terms of value and volume of deals.

This update highlights the key trends from 2021, analyzes the factors impacting deal-making activity, and summarizes our outlook for M&A in 2022.