Due Diligence and Legal Advisory

Due Diligence and Legal Advisory

Any M&A, business buy or sell, collaboration, Joint venture, business diversification has multiple implications and what is the real value is always hazy. There for assessing the real value of the business activities, one requires a very structured and tech based process to understand what is the real worth of new business endeavour.

At UGP, our experienced consultants with global experience of merger and acquis ions, startup funding, business collaborations are fully equipped to assist and guide our clients by unravelling facts after going through a very structured process of due-diligence of the opportunities at hand, competitive scenarios and risks involved to take better decisions. Idea is to transform assumptions into facts.

Our services

  • Detailed business analysis to support opinions and conclusions
  • Crucial financial considerations for deal and value assessment
  • Detailed commercial, financial, technical, legal and organisational due diligence
  • Preparation of valuation report
  • Quantified value creation levers
  • 100-day transition plan with highlighted post-acquisition, integration and separation issues
  • Exit strategy impacts related to the equity provider

We aim to decipher clear insight of the new business transaction