Unicorn Growth Partners Executive Advisory Board


Unicorn Growth Partners Executive Advisory Board

Unicorn Growth Partners Pvt. Ltd. (UGP) is a distinguished and esteemed boutique management consulting firm hailing from India, boasting an impressive track record of over a decade in the industry. UGP excels in providing an extensive array of expert services, catering to diverse client needs. These services include: Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Startup Mentorship and Fundraising, Business Valuation, Corporate Finance and Restructuring, Company Dissolutions, India-Entry and Liaison Services, and Export-Import Services. Our team at UGP comprises seasoned professionals who possess unparalleled expertise and a history of consistent success in their respective fields. This ensures that UGP continues to maintain its esteemed reputation as a top-tier management consulting firm, consistently delivering exceptional value and results to clients across various sectors.

At UGP, our Executive Advisory Board plays a crucial role in ensuring that every applicant receives the most valuable and expert assistance, enabling them to reach their full potential. UGP is a trusted advisor to its clients. The company has a strong track record of success in helping its clients achieve their goals. Our primary goal is to equip technology startups and venture capitalists with the necessary skills and a strategic roadmap to guide them towards success. We recognize the importance of nurturing startups and small businesses, as they form the foundation of our country's economy. This understanding drives us to maintain the highest level of competence and exclusivity within our Executive Advisory Board.

To qualify for membership on the UGP Executive Advisory Board, candidates must satisfy at least one of the two criteria listed below:

a) Be the owner, founder, or majority stakeholder of a business generating a minimum of US$2 million in revenue during the most recent fiscal year. In the case of venture-backed companies, they must have privately raised funds of at least US$5 million or publicly raised funds of US$10 million and maintain a minimum of 10 employees.


b) Hold a critical leadership role in a medium to large-sized technology company, with an annual revenue of at least US$100 million in the most recent fiscal year. The candidate must provide concrete documentation demonstrating that their contributions have generated a combined revenue of at least US$10 million over the past three years.

Executive Advisory Board Selection Process:

Our Executive Advisory Board membership selection process is designed to identify and select only the most exceptional individuals with unparalleled professionalism and expertise:

  • Invitation for Nominations: We exclusively invite nominations from our existing members and distinguished individuals within the organization or industry. The call for nominations takes place once every two years, ensuring a rigorous and selective process. These individuals submit nominations along with supporting documentation that highlights the nominee's achievements, impact, recognition, and highest accolades in their respective fields.
  • Review and Shortlisting: Upon the closure of nominations, an unbiased scouting committee, comprising recognized experts in the relevant fields, meticulously reviews all nominations for eligibility and completeness. The committee evaluates candidates based on their accomplishments, influence, recognition by national or international experts, and evidence of their exceptional achievements in the form of published media or other significant accolades. Only a select few nominees, representing an elite group of achievers in their respective fields, are shortlisted for the next phase.
  • Vetting and Final Selection: We conduct an extensive vetting process for the shortlisted nominations, which includes interviews with the nominee, the nominator, and at least two references who are recognized experts in the nominee's field. These references should be able to attest to the nominee's exceptional achievements, contributions, and the impact they have had on their field. Following the thorough vetting process, only the most distinguished candidates, representing a highly exclusive group of achievers, are selected as Executive Advisory Board members and announced during an onboarding ceremony and via email.

The unbiased scouting committee is composed of randomly selected UGP members, ensuring an impartial evaluation. In order to maintain the utmost impartiality, the names of the nominees are not disclosed during the evaluation process. This approach guarantees that only the nominee's merits, achievements, and contributions are taken into consideration, rather than their names or nominators. Our stringent and selective review process ensures that our Advisory Committee represents only the most exceptional individuals in their respective fields.